"Daily practice and new affirmations"

Black Palm welcomes Verena Dengler to the mystical service team. From now on you can buy an individual artist’s horoscope of the artist and author living in Vienna.

Basic horoscope:

1 handwritten page by the artist (A4)



Astrology is the interpretation of connections between astronomical events or constellations of the stars and earthly processes. You will receive a handcrafted interpretation of your radix, which aims to broaden the traditionally psychology and philosophy-powered interpretive methods of the artistic perspective and inspire the conscious development of personality and life. Dengler does not differentiate between good and bad constellations. Instead, she shows a way of structurally implementing one’s own potentials and puts them in relation to the times and energy. This gives rise to a high degree of self-acceptance and acceptance for oneself and others. Verena Dengler studied at the Vienna Art School, the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, the Slade School of Art at University College London and attended lectures and seminars at the Austrian Astrological Society in Vienna. Dengler’s work deals with the role of the artist within the art world and in everyday life. Dengler’s astrological insights and intuitions give you new creative possibilities and understanding of the mechanisms of your personality.

To create a horoscope, the birth date, birth time and location are required.

Starting 2019 Verena Dengler will provide as well:

Express horoscope, 100 €

1 handwritten page (A4), 48 hour delivery

Premium horoscope, 200 €:

Skype-interview with the artist (40 min.),

2 handwritten pages (A4) with text and sketches.